Go interactive: Video ads on Essential Kitchen & Bathroom Business

The KBB industry’s favourite print brand now brings ads to life with video - find out more

Published: June 3, 2020 at 9:50 am

We’re excited to share some news about KBBDaily’s print sister, Essential Kitchen & Bathroom Business magazine.


With Essential Kitchen & Bathroom Business’s move to digital during the current period our magazine is expanding with every opportunity that the new format allows. We’ve released the EK&BBusiness app (with an even easier-to-read new mobile look coming soon) and continue to deliver the best-in-class desktop version of the mag to our subscribers inboxes every month. (Not a subscriber yet? Click here to get your FREE subscription).

The June issue of EK&BBusiness (out now) goes one step further with the addition of new, embedded video, available to our commercial partners for the first time. Now advertisers can power up their display offering to include video streamed directly into the app.

We all know the power of video and the world of kbb is rich with superb content shot by the biggest brands. But too often this video finds itself looking for a home. Beyond exhibition showreels and brand YouTube channels, where else can your hard work be seen and your brand and products demonstrated to the right audience?

The Essential Kitchen & Bathroom Business magazine in app and desktop form are now the perfect home for your video. One tap on the play button on your ad is all you need to show an accompanying video. Why stay static when you can bring your ads to life? Our video tech embeds the video right there in the page, expertly delivering your message before returning to your ad.

And going interactive couldn’t be simpler. The team at EK&BBusiness will do all the work for you. Send us the video you’d like included in your ad – or just a YouTube link – and we’ll do the rest. We can add the play button to your existing creative and handle all the tech to bring it to life. To find out more just call Commercial Director Darren Summerfield on 07973 786511.

So don’t let your video languish in a corner of your website. Make it the star and put it front and centre as part of your campaign in Essential Kitchen & Bathroom Business.


Here's an example of what the new feature looks like in action - Franke’s video-enhanced Minerva 4-in-1 ad, featured in the June 2020 issue of Essential Kitchen & Bathroom Business.

Screenshot 2020-06-03 at 09.02.08

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