Software firm 2020 says it is ‘ready to help’ customers

2020 is working to help existing customers gain access to their license and offering online training classes

2020 Fusion

2020, the software brand for professional designers, retailers and manufacturers, has encouraged its customers who are working remotely during the COVID-19 crisis to reach out if needed, stating it will work to keep them connected and productive as they work from home.


In its most recent statement, software brand announced that it is offering online training to develop the skills needed to use one of its online platforms, 2020 Fusion, and added that it is ‘ready to help’ existing customers in gaining access to any additional licenses they may need.


In its statement, 2020 also added that it will offer discounts on popular classes and custom training plans for those with specific individual needs. According to the brand, support agents are expected to maintain the normal level of service.