Abode collaborates with Baby Magazine columnist to promote 4 IN 1 tap

The design company has worked with Neev Spencer, magazine columnist and DJ

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Published: January 29, 2020 at 1:00 pm

Abode has collaborated with a Baby Magazine columnist to promote its hot water taps to an influential audience of parents-to-be and new mums.


Neev Spencer, also a KISS FM DJ, has a regular slot in the pages of Baby Magazine, and worked with Abode to highlight the advantages of Pronteau 4 IN 1 taps to the readers of her column.

Abode PRONTEAU Province 4 in 1 brushed tap1

Spencer wrote: “Our latest gadget to the home is an Abode Pronteau Filter Hot water Tap and it has made bottle feeds for the baby so much easier. Instant boiling water is such a fantastic addition to a hectic life and makes a big difference for mixed feeding.

Neev Spencer Twitter mention for abode

“Also having filtered water at home direct from the tap has been such a luxury and knowing we are doing our bit for the environment to reduce plastic makes it a huge tick.”


With 28.5k Instagram followers and 26.7k on Twitter, Spencer’s review of the Abode tap has been deemed ‘a brilliant promotion for the manufacturer.’


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