Acres Consultancy releases second ‘Industry Legend’ film

Simon Acres, pictured left, sat down with Peter Bird, right, founder of Anglia Interiors, to talk about success in retail

Acres video Peter Bird
Published: July 31, 2019 at 10:30 am

Acres Consultancy – recently launched by former Omega director and KBSA retail corporate chairman Simon Acres, pictured left – has launched the second video in its new ‘Industry Legends’ series.

Acres video BernardMiel

The video series is designed to “share the thoughts and advice of some of the most successful professionals in the industry”. The second video features Peter Bird, right, founder of Anglia Interiors, which has showrooms in Bedford and Huntingdon and is celebrating 45 years of business.

“Peter has a wealth of experience to share,” said Acres Consultancy principal director Simon Acres. “Anglia Interiors is a successful KBSA family business that is not standing still, proud of its heritage but embracing new technologies in order to build a business that is fit for the future.”

Bird talks to Acres about smart solutions and his advice to those wanting to build a successful independent retail business. “People buy from people, so staff must have the skills to engage with potential customers when they visit the showroom,” he said.

“In my experience, doing what you do best and bringing in experts to look after other aspects – training, recruitment and social media – will save time, money and stress,” he added.


The first video in the series featured north west London-based Kitchens Continental director Bernard Miel. The third in the series – set to be released in August – will feature industry professional Ray Isted, who is a training, marketing and recruitment consultant for Acres Consultancy.

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