Amica provide ‘community fridges’ to families in need

The appliance company have teamed up with Reach2 Academy Trust

Amica Reach2 Academy Trust
Published: October 25, 2019 at 10:00 am

Amica, the international home and kitchen appliances brand, has collaborated with Reach2 Academy Trust to provide ‘community fridges’ to families in need.


The ‘community fridges’, which will be stocked with food for families to access, and regularly replenished with food from Reach2’s catering department, will be discreetly placed around schools in Essex. They will provide good quality food to the children who urgently need it.

The initiative is part of an effort to combat hunger amongst the poorest and most disadvantaged families. It aims to tackle the growing problem of children arriving to school hungry.

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Sir Steve Lancashire, CEO of Reach 2 Academy Trust, said: “We often hear about children going to school hungry because their families simply cannot afford to provide them with food as they would want to. To think this is happening in 2019 is heart-breaking.

"Every week school kitchens must discard food due to best before dates, limited use by dates or simply because it is the weekend. This is food that, if it were within a family home, would be perfectly fine to use for family meals. We’re excited to be working with Amica to help tackle family hunger and look forward to seeing the impact of our Community Fridges within the five communities they are supporting.”


Steve Corbett, Marketing Manager at Amica, said that the company was delighted to be able to help. He suggested that Amica refrigeration products are designed to keep food in top condition, and as well as feeding families in need, the initiative will also help to reduce food waste.


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