Arçelik CEO climbs Mount Everest to raise climate change awareness

‘We must rise to the challenge of preventing a future where our planet is inhabitable,’ said Hakan Bulgurlu, pictured

Arcelik Hakan Bulgurlu Everest

Hakan Bulgurlu, the CEO of Beko Plc parent company Arçelik, recently took on the gruelling challenge of climbing Mount Everest to raise awareness of climate change and the 21-year window we have to reverse its effects.

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Bulgurlu reached the 8,848m summit after a 26-day trek. He was inspired to take on the climb after finding out that the Himalayas could lose two thirds of its glaciers by 2100 if efforts to limit global warming are unsuccessful, Arçelik said.

Arcelik CEO HakanBulgurlu

The company has held previous expeditions, with a team ascending Mount Kilimanjaro in 2011 and 2018; Elbrus in 2017 and Mount Aconcagua in January last year. According to Arçelik, it uses each challenge “to educate employees and raise public awareness of the impact of global warming”.

“21 years is an incredibly short period of time in the life of our planet and we must act fast to limit the long-lasting effects of climate change,” said Bulgurlu. “We must rise to the challenge of preventing a future where our planet is inhabitable.

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“At Arçelik, we are completely dedicated to doing everything within our power to counter the effects of climate change. We hope that our Mount Everest expedition will raise awareness and encourage people to do their part.”