Arçelik to make filtering tech available to competitors

Ground-breaking washing machine microfibre filtering technology will be made available to competitors in the home appliance industry

IFA Arcelik announcement

Hakan Bulgurlu (pictured above) the CEO of Arçelik – the parent company of Beko and Grundig – recently announced at IFA that the company will be committing to making its microfibre filtering technology available to competitors in the home appliance industry.


Bulgurlu said the decision is based on the need for “cross-industry collaboration to increase the adoption of sustainable technologies that tackle some of the biggest environmental issues the world is facing”.

arcelik CIPS cert

Arçelik has developed the world’s first washing machine with a built-in synthetic microfibre filtration system, forecast to launch next year. The new technology is designed to block 90% of microfibres from entering water sources. The filtration box is located in the detergent drawer, filtering the water before discharge.

“As a company with a global footprint, and products and services in 146 countries, we made it our mission to do everything within our power to make a change, as time is running out in the fight against environmental disasters, most importantly climate catastrophe,” Bulgurlu said at IFA.

“That’s why we believe reducing the environmental damage that we are causing as an industry is a key opportunity we should seize,” he added, calling for closer industry partnerships and noted that consumers are “actively looking” for environmentally friendly products and are willing to pay more.


“This technology is one of the most important innovations to come out of Arçelik and it has the potential to create far-reaching and significant change in our world,” Bulgurlu added. “We have made significant investments in R&D and we are committed to working together with NGOs, universities and other stakeholders to expand this project.”