Axor shower product wins German Design Award

The jury said the ShowerPipe 800 ‘stands out from the competition thanks to its delicate design’

Axor German Design Award

Hansgrohe Group’s Axor brand has received a gold German Design Award for 2019 for its ShowerPipe 800 water guiding system product, which was designed in collaboration with Phoenix Design.

Anke Sohn Marketing leitung AXOR

According to Axor, the ShowerPipe 800 is one of only 50 gold-distinguished products chosen by the jury, which said the ShowerPipe 800 “stands out from the competition at first glance thanks to its delicate design and its elemental design language”.

“The Axor ShowerPipe 800 is the result of a successful interplay between the highest competency in water and product design, as well as decades of experience in the manufacturing of high-quality showers and shower systems,” said Hansgrohe SE brand management vice president Olivier Sogno.


“With the German Design Award 2019 in gold, the jury confirms our innovative spirit and recognizes our design process,” Sogno added.