Beko launches four-part series with FC Barcelona

The company’s new videos allow fans to go ‘behind the scenes’ during pre-season at FC Barcelona

Beko FC Barcelona videos

Beko has launched a four-part video series, entitled ‘Pros Behind The Pros’, allowing fans to go “behind the scenes” during pre-season at FC Barcelona to look at “the hard-working individuals that make it possible for the first team to lead healthy lifestyles off the pitch”.

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Beko said it got special access around Ciutat Esportiva to “deliver sports fans a unique look at the extensive planning and work that takes place around the training grounds to ensure the team is at peak performance levels”.

The company followed team nutritionists, chefs, the kit team, grounds staff, physiotherapists and doctors. The company also went to the La Masia Youth Training Centre to shine a spotlight on “those who are the true foundation of the club”.

“As an extension of Beko and FC Barcelona’s successful ‘Eat Like A Pro’ campaign, which aims to help prevent the global epidemic of childhood obesity by educating and guiding parents and children on the importance of healthy eating and nutrition by showing what their heroes eat to perform at their best, Beko got to take this one step further and offer a unique look behind the curtain,” said Beko plc UK marketing head Keval Shah.


“We’ve heard from football heroes like FC Barcelona star Gerard Piqué, and this time, we’re going behind the scenes, focusing on a diverse mix of professionals behind the footballers to help inspire people all around the world to live healthier lives.”