Big Chill appliances enter UK market

The vintage style fridges will be manufactured in Europe

Big Chill fridge

The retro appliance brand Big Chill have entered the UK market.

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The company, which was founded in America in 2001, have launched a full suite of products in Britain. They are manufactured in Europe.

Big Chill fridges, which consist of stamped metal doors and solid cast chrome handles, hold an A+ efficiency class and have a large interior volume of 423 litres. Each refrigerator is complete with modern functionalities and auto defrost settings, and the vintage exteriors have seen the appliances gain popularity – and a number of celebrity endorsements – rapidly in the US market.

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The Co-founder of the company, Orion Creamer said: “I co-founded Big Chill with my uncle Thom Vernon back in 2001 with the desire to merge retro interiors design and modern appliance capabilities and are thrilled that Big Chill fridges are now launching into the UK this year after such demand. The retro aesthetic is popular all over the world and the variety of colours allows the buyer to purchase a bespoke fridge to suit their stylish home. We are looking forward to seeing Big Chill fridges in kitchens around the UK.”