BLANCO UK launch new website

BLANCO UK has launched a new easy to navigate website


BLANCO UK, a leading manufacturer of kitchen sinks and taps, has launched a new, easy-to-navigate website. The website,, has been designed to allow homeowners more easily explore the kitchen technology that is available to them, whilst simultaneously helping retailers find the products details they need.

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The website homepage showcases current BLANCO products, with lifestyle images of BLANCO sinks and taps styled in kitchens.

Above this is a panel which features different sections for kitchen sinks, kitchen taps, the finishing touches (such as lighting and sink accessories), inspiration guides and FAQs. Each section includes a drop down menu so that all the products are easy to find and questions are easily answered.

BLANCO have also included further information on state-of-the-art sinks and taps, plus ideas and guides on how to achieve the perfect kitchen at the bottom of the homepage. Each image is accompanied by detailed caption information.

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It is anticipated that the new, more simple “where to buy” section will mean that website visitors will easily be able to locate their closest dealers, whilst the “support” tab will means users can get in touch with a member of the BLANCO team quickly.