CIH unveils revamped Euronics branding

Buying group reveals first update to Euronics identity since its launch in 1991

Euronics new logo
Published: June 22, 2020 at 12:20 pm

Combined Independents (Holdings) Ltd (CIH) has revitalised the Euronics branding available to its members, making it warmer, friendlier and more approachable to customers.


The electrical buying group is part of Euronics, Europe's largest electrical buying group.

The new Euronics identity features a series of subtle variations that not only build on the strength of the brand name but also ensure that it works effectively across multiple formats, both online and offline.

Changes include using lower case text font; shifting the ‘stars’ element from right to left; moving from several stars to just a single star and a warmer choice of blue and yellow Pantone colours in the logo. The group has heralded the new look as a 'modern update and a refresh of the established Euronics brand in the UK and across all countries where the buying group operates'.

'This is the first refresh of the Euronics brand identity since the group was founded back in 1991,' says CEO, Stuart Cook. 'It’s right for the changed landscape of retail because it’s cleaner, the logo is easier to see and read and it stands out in the high street, as well as online.

'We have kept the key features that our stores and customers know and love about the brand identity but have progressed the look and feel of our identity to be more relevant in today’s market,' adds Stuart.

'Along with the main Euronics logo, we have also created associated assets, such as, uniforms and van liveries for use in customer-facing areas, as well as other elements for online and social channels. It’s a comprehensive brand refresh that can benefit all members.

'When you see the star and the name, you know this is a sign of quality, value and choice. A place to go for great local service.'

Members are already able to access the new branding which will continue to be rolled out throughout 2020.


CIH has partnered with Deployment Group to make the process easy, although members can also use local suppliers if they wish. Funding is also available to support the transition to new branding, subject to criteria being met.


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