The Institute of Domestic Heating & Environmental Engineers (IDHEE) was yesterday incorporated with the Chartered Institute of Plumbing and Heating Engineering (CIPHE), in a move that is believed will provide heightened professional and technical support to members throughout the plumbing and heating industry.

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The IDHEE, which has been serving domestic heating engineers and environmental engineers for 55 years, will now become a new distinct group within the CIPHE, with the CIPHE establishing a new Register of Heating & Environmental Engineers. The CIPHE has suggested that with aims around promoting energy efficient domestic central heating components, and the installation of safe and efficient systems, the IDHEE’s ideology sits neatly within the CIPHE’s own remit to protect the public health.

It has also been announced that IDHEE members will be welcomed into the folds of CIPHE membership, and individuals will be encouraged to register with the Engineering Council at Engineering Technician, Incorporated Engineer or Chartered Engineer level.

Peter Thom, Director IDHEE, said: “The IDHEE and CIPHE have worked together on technical publications and political lobbying for many years and this incorporation builds on the successful work we have already conducted. Together we can pool our expertise, knowledge and resources to promote heating, renewable and sustainable technologies, to the industry, Government and consumers.”

“The CIPHE has invested immense resources into electronic learning and digital engagement, tapping into the tools of the future. They are keen to encourage IDHEE members to actively participate in technical working groups - ensuring our technical legacy is safeguarded - while also opening up new realms of opportunities for our members.”

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Kevin Wellman, CIPHE CEO said: “The CIPHE and IDHEE are closely aligned in our aims and activities, and we at the Institute have always held a mutual respect for the work of the IDHEE. There are already a sizeable number of individuals who hold membership of both organisations and we are therefore ideally suited to provide a natural home for all of the heating and environmental engineers in its ranks. We offer opportunities for professional development and career progression, along with a host of membership benefits, such as access to technical support and our ground breaking augmented & virtual reality tools.”

“This incorporation is about building a stronger industry, which is more environmentally appreciative and better equipped with the qualifications, skills and experience to deal with the demands of future technology and regulation.”

“In addition to welcoming all IDHEE members - from Trainee’s to Fellows - to the CIPHE, I would like to extend an invitation to all plumbing, heating and environmental engineering professionals to support the CIPHE, enabling us to give every member the professional recognition and support they deserve.”