#COVID19: Hacker suspends production due to collapse of supply chains

The German manufacturer will halt production temporarily due to ‘increasing supply problems’

#COVID19 Hacker halt production
Published: March 18, 2020 at 9:20 am

Hacker, the German kitchen manufacturer, has announced that it is halting production in response to the COVID-19 pandemic.


In its most recent newsletter, the manufacturer stated that it will suspend production between the 23rd March and the 19th April, naming ‘increasing supply problems’ and a lack of alternative solutions as the reason for the suspension.

The letter read:

Hacker halt production

‘As a contracted manufacturer, we produce each customers kitchen individually. Our available reaction times are very short. Due to increasing supply problems - many of our large suppliers produce in risk areas such as Italy or Austria - we are facing the collapse of our supply chains. Alternative delivery solutions have been investigated and are not available to us. 

‘As a company, we also have a duty of responsibility towards our employees, that is why we are taking all possible measures to protect our staff and you as our customer. Naturally, this leads to a very small workforce, which makes production planning more difficult every hour. Thanks to an exceptionally high number of home office workstations, we can ensure accessibility in the order processing team and aftersales service. Our sales representatives are still available for you by phone and e-mail. All training classes in our Rödinghausen showroom are temporarily suspended.’ 

Hacker also announced that it will postpone the delivery of kitchen orders and remedial orders, setting its last delivery date as the 27.03.2020.


The company said that it does not want to expose its drivers or customers to danger in risk areas, and cited the closing of certain central delivery points, furniture stores and kitchen studios in many countries which it supplies.


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