MHK, a service provider for specialised trade and retail companies in the kitchen, residential and construction sector, has recently introduced a number of measures in order to deal with the COVID 19 crisis.

MHK forum Kuchenmeile

The company has set up a hotline that will see questions and concerns about Corona answered via phone and email, whilst also launching Coronahelp – an 'active crisis management' initiative.

So far, the Coronahelp scheme has seen a team of experts, made up of members from a number of different service companies, develop a strategy after assessing the market. In its current phase, MHK shareholders are receiving all the tools they need to sell kitchens without direct customer contact.

MHK has also distributed bonuses to all members, and announced that a partial distribution for 2020 will be made in September at the latest.

‘The MHK Group would not be the MHK Group if it had not immediately taken on responsibility for employees and partners with rapidly effective means and measures’ said MHK Chairman of the Board, Hans Strothoff. ‘We want to offer every support to every single member. That is why all our support is geared towards ensuring that the shareholders on the one hand are able to overcome the crisis and on the other hand are optimally prepared when they can resume business in full.

‘Presence and immediate accessibility in times of uncertainty and also of growing fear, is particularly important to us’ added Strothoff. ‘Let us stand together!’