Stephen Johnson, Managing Director of leading smart tap brand, Quooker, has announced that he is looking to set up a team of experts from the kitchen, bedroom and bathroom industries, with the aim of offering real-time guidance and support to companies who may be struggling in these difficult times.

Damian Walters

Johnson is seeking 12 industry leaders in their respective fields who would be willing to be part of a business helpline that will give free, practical advice and assistance to dealers and small retailers nationwide.

'We are looking for people that have a strong understanding and experience of managing businesses during difficult scenarios and previous recessions. We want individuals who feel capable of helping others less fortunate in the industry and have the backing of resources to offer genuine assistance,' Johnson told kbbdaily.

'We are particularly looking for those who can offer sound advice on issues including logistics, staffing and human resources, stock management and financial services.

'There will inevitably be real tension between staff welfare and protecting businesses so we need individuals who can help navigate both.'

'Watching the news, we were very aware that with government support being given to travel, automotive, hospitality industries etc. the K&B industry is in danger of getting overlooked,' Johnson added.

'The kitchen and bathroom industry contains a comparatively large number of small, independent and family-run businesses which will feel the turbulence caused by changing trading conditions very keenly. If help isn’t given, I perceive a significant problem for our industry.

'The virus will eventually pass, hopefully sooner rather than later, but we need to do everything we can to ensure our industry isn’t decimated in the process.'

The private helpline will give individuals access to the combined knowledge and commercial expertise of industry heavyweights with no strings attached; non-disclosure agreements will ensure any information shared will remain strictly confidential.

Whether logistical, financial or staffing related, the helpline will distribute requests to the most relevant expert in order to best meet the needs of the individual.

Johnson’s initiative aims to foster a genuine community of support and communication during this uncertain and turbulent period.

'We’ve already been inundated with questions from retailers nationwide regarding our activity and contingency plans. Many smaller ones have already expressed real concerns and many are fearful of how this will affect business,' Johnson said.

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'By setting up this helpline, we aim to connect big industry players with smaller companies to ensure everyone is supported and comes through the other side as unscathed as possible. If we work together, the industry inevitably remains stronger.'


Those who have experience managing a business and want to be involved can get in touch at