#COVID19: Rotpunkt offering twice-weekly online training

The seminars will take place every Wednesday and Friday and see Rotpunkt customers get the chance to raise any questions they have

Rotpunkt kitchen
Published: April 8, 2020 at 9:30 am

Rotpunkt, a leading kitchen manufacturer, has announced that it is supporting its UK retail network by offering free online training sessions twice-a-week.


The online seminars, which will take place every Wednesday and Friday at 10am & 2pm, will last approximately 30 minutes, and see Rotpunkt clients get the chance to raise any questions they have to the brand.

Bill Miller Managing Director KBBG

Matt Phillips, Head of UK Operations at Rotpunkt says, ‘We’re committed to making the best of a bad situation, which is why we have new remote training sessions to maintain brand focus, update suppliers on our current products & services and help our supply chain "add-value" to their knowledge and expertise.’

‘Rotpunkt has an extensive product portfolio with many new kitchen solutions for 2020 now available for the UK retailer. Our newly introduced twice weekly online-training sessions will ensure we are regularly communicating with our customers so they in turn, can create new dialogue with theirs.

'We are monitoring the ongoing situation and recognise how the current "stay at home" restrictions are impacting our retailers open-door policy.

'By introducing new online initiatives to support our dealers, we hope we can provide them with new opportunities to update their own customers in order to convert any strong leads and sales enquiries post-coronavirus,’ says Matt.


All existing Rotpunkt customers will be sent a personal e-vite to join the online-training sessions and be provided with a session ID and password for private access.


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