Falmec reopens international production facilities

The company announced in January that it was setting up a UK subsidiary

Falmec factory in Italy

Premium extraction & cooking appliance company Falmec has re-opened its international production facilities at its head office in Vittorio Veneto, near Venice.

Falmec team

The reopening follows the January announcement that Falmec were setting up a UK subsidiary company to market its collection of premium extraction and cooking solutions.

The company has now returned to production of its integrated extraction & cooking systems with a reduced workforce and a strict adherence to all the necessary measures to protect the health of their staff, which remains top priority.


Falmec’s International Marketing Director, Lorenzo Poser, commented: ‘It’s essential to re-start the production engine to ensure maximum compliance with the commitments made to our customers around the world. We return to work with greater awareness, energy and passion for what we do, in the hope of restoring some kind of normality, which we will probably all appreciate so much more from now on.’