Gira UK opens new London office to establish British footprint

The German company have set up in Brentford, Middlesex

Mark Booth

Gira UK, a supplier of intelligent system solutions for building management, has announced its move to a new branch office in Brentford, Middlesex.

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The company, which has headquarters in Radevormwald and specialises in Smart Building Systems, suggests that the move will allow it to establish its presence in the UK, whilst properly supporting intelligent build technology markets.


Mark Booth, Managing Director at Gira UK Ltd, anticipates that the new premises will help the company demonstrate its commitment to its multinational brand-story, ‘irrespective of Brexit.’ He said: “We are extremely happy to have new premises from 19th February 2020, and this new platform will enable us to continue developing both brand and business, as well as acknowledge our growth in the UK. Our new office in Greater London will help to establish our British footprint and further shape Gira‘s multinational brand-story: irrespective of Brexit. By choice, we want to present our customers with a united front where Gira is committed to serving the UK and thriving intelligent build technology markets.”