Gira wins ‘Fire Safety Solution of the Year’

The company received the prize at the London Construction Award 2019

Gira London Construction Awards 2019 Winner Photo

Gira, a leading supplier of intelligent building technology, has won the ‘Fire Safety Solution of the Year’ prize at the London Construction Awards 2019.


The company, which produces intelligent functions and user-friendly devices for the control of lighting, heating, and blinds, received the award for its Smoke Alarm Dual Q at a ceremony which recognised the achievements, developments and innovations within London’s construction industry. The categories also included awards designed for solution providers, contractors, architects, civil engineers, developers and local authorities.

Gira System 3000

Mark Booth Managing Director, Gira UK, said “To be recognised as a finalist and then award-winner is truly a remarkable achievement for both brand and business at this year’s London Construction Awards. Winning the award for Fire Safety Solution of the Year is a credit to our commitment for quality design and endurance, as well as our strong market desire to help property developers [and owners] protect and secure their buildings.”

Gira Dual Q smoke is marketed by Gira as ‘twice as safe’ as a regular smoke alarm, as it measures both temperature and scattered light whilst also coming equipped with two detection processes, marked with the Q quality seal. The winning product visually identifies small smoke particles before the situation gets too dangerous and, in addition, thermal sensors measure temperature changes within the room. In this way, various types of fires, such as liquid fire, can be registered more rapidly and reliably identified.


“As more people discover the virtues of intelligent building technology, we find ourselves in the right position to guide, optimise, support and nurture the ever-evolving ‘Smart Home’ sector and respectively, new build and retrofit design and construction” added Booth.