GROHE invests 5 million euros in colour technology

The investment has created new jobs in Lahr, Germany

Thomas Fuhr GROHE CEO invests 5 million in colour technology
Published: October 21, 2019 at 8:00 am

Thomas Fuhr, the CEO of GROHE, has recently revealed that GROHE will be investing in new colour technology.


During a site visit, Fuhr announced that GROHE production in the Black Forest will be implementing PVD technology by the end of 2019.

The will amount to approximately 5 million euros, and create 27 new jobs.

Fuhr said: “With the PVD coating technique we bring a high-end technology to Lahr that’s in line with a global consumer trend and also serves a growth segment: hand showers and shower systems in beautiful colours for customized designs in bathrooms.

“With this investment we’re increasing the manufacturing scope of the plant, which puts us in a better position to bring the hand showers and shower systems in GROHE colours to market faster.”

  • What is PVD technology?

According to GROHE, PVD is the abbreviation for Physical Vapor Deposition. The technology originates from the aerospace industry and has set a new standard for the quality of finishes.

During the pre-treatment stage, the components are carefully cleaned and heat-treated in an oven. Plastic components undergo a degassing process.

PVD coating is then applied.

This process takes place in a high vacuum environment and consists of three steps: First, the substrate is cleaned, then the base coat is applied, and followed by the paint coat.


The process ensures a broader range of colours while at the same time making it possible for the finishes to be three times harder and ten times more scratch-resistant than galvanized finishes.


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