Indesit employs influencers for #DoItTogether campaign

The campaign encourages families to share responsibility for household chores


Indesit, the Whirlpool owned appliance manufacturer, has worked with leading social media influencers to promote its #DoItTogether campaign.


The campaign, which encourages parents to involve their children in the household tasks, saw family influencers such as Louise PentlandSarah Akwisombe, and Jade Arif review Indesit appliances – appliances which are marketed as family-friendly and accessible to all users.

Indesit Ariel promotion July 2019

The campaign aims to improve gender balance in domestic chores for the next generation. It comes in response to a recent Indesit study, which revealed that 85 per cent of women claimed to be solely responsible for delegating household chores.

In addition to being accountable for planning the housework, women also felt they did more than their fair share of the chores themselves, with 76 per cent carrying out all the domestic jobs ranging from cleaning and tidying, to gardening and DIY.


Sara Bazeley, the Brand Manager at Indesit, said: “The team of influencers supported our aim of encouraging families to share the household chores, while showing their followers how easy Indesit appliances are to use. We hope the extended reach of the #DoItTogether campaign will motivate even more families to involve their children in the household tasks, as well as increase footfall for our retailers by promoting the family-friendly Indesit appliances to their customers.”