Indesit research reveals mothers do more than their fair share of tasks at Christmas

Indesit’s #DoItTogether campaign aims to combat gender imbalance in the home

Indesit Do It Together image

Recent research by Indesit, the Whirlpool-owned appliance brand, has found that in the run-up to the festive season, the preparations for Christmas Day are not being shared equally, with mothers taking on the majority of Christmas related tasks.

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In the recent study which explored how modern families approached everyday challenges in the home, it was found that of the 2000 UK adults surveyed, 85 per cent of women claimed to be solely responsible for delegating household chores. Women also felt they did more than their fair share of the chores themselves, with 70 per of women taking on the role of present wrapping and 65 per cent of women writing the Christmas cards.

As part of its ongoing #DoItTogether campaign, Indesit aims to highlight that educating children and getting them involved in the housework, even at Christmas time, is the right way to move forward to combat the gender imbalance.

Sara Bazeley, Brand Manager, Indesit, says: “This festive season, at Indesit, we are encouraging all family members to get stuck in with the preparations for the big day. By sharing out the Christmas chores equally, families can spend more time together enjoying the festivities.


“We will continue to design easy-to-use, family-friendly appliances that are accessible to all users, ensuring that domestic tasks don’t require any special knowledge, meaning sharing chores is simpler than ever.”