InSinkErator kitchen technology receives Good Housekeeping Institute approval

The M Series 66 kitchen waste disposal system was tested by the prestigious Good Housekeeping Institute experts and approved


The M Series 66 food waste disposer from InSinkErator has received Good Housekeeping Institute (GHI) Approved endorsement.

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The M series InSinkErator model, a waste disposal unit built into kitchen sinks, grinds food waste into minute sized particles which are then dispatched and simply rinsed away safely down the drain, through standard plumbing.

Insinkerator 3N1 sink

It is marketed as a convenient solution to reducing food waste in the kitchen when home composting is not possible. The system allows waste to be dealt with instantly, hygienically and in a sustainable manner, with the further benefits of saving space and improving cleanliness in the kitchen.

It also has an additional feature that, and where there is an anaerobic digester within the sewerage system, allows the nutrients from the food waste can be recovered and turned into biogas and fertiliser.

An expert from the Good Housekeeping Institute said, “Fast and effective at disposing of everyday foods, the InSinkErator M 66 is easy as well as convenient to use.”

Anne Kaarlela, Marketing Communications Manager, Europe and Russia at InSinkErator, says: “We are delighted that the M Series 66 food waste disposer has been endorsed by the renowned Good Housekeeping Institute.

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“Our M Series range of food waste disposers is designed to offer an affordable, sustainable solution to reducing the amount of food waste in the kitchen bin, in an effort to encourage more consumers to invest in a food waste disposer for the first time. We hope that the GHI endorsement will highlight that even though the M Series is an entry-level range, the food waste disposers still possess tremendous functionality and versatility.”