The Kitchen Bathroom Buying Group (KBBG) has announced that it is introducing Alku - a new range of UK manufactured rigid kitchen and bedroom furniture - to KBBG members.

Bill Miller

The Alku brand, which is established and manufactured by Getley, features high-quality materials and is designed to fill the gap in the market between the modern, large-scale German manufacturers and the smaller, more traditional, bespoke offering from UK manufacturers.

Dan Hughes, Marketing Director, Getley UK, says: ‘Our aim with Alku is to complement German manufactured ranges and to provide studios with a greater range of furniture to offer to customers. We are excited to be joining forces with the KBBG to provide members with a UK offering of both kitchen and bedroom furniture.’

Bill Miller, Managing Director, KBBG, adds: ‘Not only are we delighted to welcome Alku as a supplier of a UK manufactured range to the KBBG, we are pleased to be able to offer our members bedroom furniture as well as an extended kitchen offering, including for the first time an in-frame option.

‘The Alku range boasts impressive storage solutions with every inch, hinge and door carefully chosen to ensure consumers can make the most out of the space in their kitchen or bedroom. Alku currently has 21 ranges within its portfolio and we look forward to introducing the designs to our members. Delivery is available either to a warehouse, showroom or direct to the customer’s home usually within four to six weeks.’

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