KBBG identifies growing kitchen trends at European Küchenmeile Fair

Open plan living spaces, grey and white kitchens and open shelving were dominant at the show

Bill Miller Managing Director KBBG
Published: December 4, 2019 at 7:00 am

The Managing Director of Kitchen Bathroom Buying Group (KBBG) has recognised open plan living spaces, grey and white kitchens and open shelving as trends for 2020 on his recent visit to the European Küchenmeile Fair. Bill Miller, KBBG MD, said that the Küchenmeile show in Germany is an excellent indicator of trends that will emerge in the UK, due to the fact that over two thirds of the industry’s turnover is represented by the annual event.


After the event, Miller noted that the most prominent trend was the amalgamation of the ground floor living area. At the show, entire open plan living spaces became further integrated by the installation of the same furniture range throughout, and this was apparently independent of the market sector or whether the manufacturer was large or small. One manufacturer even included an office using the same furniture, and another went one stage further, presenting an entire apartment completed using the same furniture throughout the kitchen, living and dining area, bathroom and bedroom.

“This is very interesting and it will be fascinating to see if it crosses the channel and makes any in roads into the UK marketplace. It is something to watch and see if the consumer is genuinely interested in adopting the same furniture throughout their entire home” Miller commented.

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In addition, many of the displays at the fair featured the extensive use of open shelving, with one kitchen display almost entirely made-up of open shelves. “This feature would appear to be very popular in Germany, perhaps less so in the UK. However, it was a trend that was far more prevalent than in any other year”, commented Miller.

According to the KBBG, trending colours at the show remained grey and white with little interest in brighter colours, except when used as a focus feature. Miller, however, also noted that black furniture doors were emerging in both matt and a textured finishes, with some of the more experimental examples including an ombre-type door that appeared to change colour with the light.

“The KBBG is part of Europe’s leading kitchen and bathroom buying group, DER KREIS, and so we find it particularly important to keep up with the latest trends across Europe and assess whether they will become prevalent in the UK” he said.


“The Küchenmeile Fair is always an exceedingly interesting event, where one may explore the many innovations and concepts. It is genuinely worth a visit for those looking for the next opportunity. It will be interesting to see how the typically smaller UK kitchen showrooms interpret these trends in the coming year and beyond” he concluded.


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