KBSA enhances Croner benefits with extra discounts for members

The trade association has enhanced its membership benefits package

Allister Reed

KBSA, a KBB industry trade association, has enhanced its membership benefits package by offering access to a range of premium products from business partner Croner.


The new packages, which are available to members with a 19% discount on commercial rates, include free access to the Croner helpline, while extended packages provide specific support – in the form of contracts, handbooks, templates, audits, policies and risk assessments – for key topics in the areas of HR, Health & Safety, software and insurance.

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Insurance services include protection against prosecutions, tribunal costs and Health & Safety issues. The software package gives access to training webinars, management tools and employee management.

KBSA National Account Manager, Allister Reed, said: “We are delighted to extend the range of services from Croner.Retailers can benefit from industry-leading software that cuts the time they have to spend on workforce management.


“Outsourcing to Croner significantly reduces legal risk and provides more time for retailers to grow their business. It’s like hiring an HR team, a health & safety manager and an employment law solicitor all in one.”