LG file lawsuit against Arçelik A.S and related companies

LG has filed a patent infringement lawsuit for unlicensed implementation of ice making technology

LG Freezer Door Icemaker

LG Electronics Inc. has filed a patent infringement lawsuit against Turkish-based home appliance manufacturer Arçelik A.S and its German affiliates, Beko Deutschland GmbH and Grundig Intermedia GmbH.

IFA Arcelik announcement

The lawsuit, filed in the Munich District Court, centres on the unlicensed implementation of LG’s freezer door-ice making technology.

The technology, which efficiently utilises storage space of a freezer to free up room for food, was originally developed by LG for a specific refrigerator model. It exists in a portfolio of over 400 patents that directly relate to door-ice making technology, and the lawsuit comes after this technology was featured in a number of refrigerators made by Arçelik-owned companies.

Jeon Saeng-gyu, executive vice president of LG’s Intellectual Property Centre, said “We continue to proactively protect our intellectual property and will respond vigorously to the unauthorised use of our patented technologies.


“As international competition over innovation increases, it is more important than ever that we protect our investments in research and development.”