Lilyann Interiors and TKC help struggling family with new kitchen

Lilyann Interiors collaborated with TKC to supply a kitchen to a family who had been left in the lurch when their previous retailer shut down

Lesley Whittaker and Gary Owen owner of Lilyann Interiors

TKC has worked with one of its retailers, Lilyann Interiors of Stoke-on-Trent, to help restore the home of a mother and son who were left stranded without a kitchen when their previous retailer closed.

Karl Kanth

TKC supplied a Cartmel door style kitchen, through Lilyann Interiors, to a lady named Lesley Whittaker who, 17 months ago, purchased a new kitchen from a retailer that then shut down without warning.

Whittaker had ripped out her existing kitchen to prepare for installation before finding that her initial retailer had shut. She and her son were left facing ‘significant financial loss’ and had no surplus money to buy another kitchen.

When Gary Owen, owner of Lilyann Interiors, heard about the family’s ordeal, he involved TKC who provided a full kitchen at display rate cost. Owen then sent his team of installers to fit the kitchen for free.


Lesley Whittaker, commented: “Gary from Lilyann Interiors and TKC have helped me put my life back together and restore my home. I’m so grateful that good honest companies like TKC and Lilyann Interiors still exist. Lilyann’s customer service and their team of installers were amazing! The whole process and care was second to none. The quality of the kitchen is fantastic and I can’t stop looking at it.”