New online bathroom retailer launches is Duravit’s ‘very first’ online authorised retailer in the UK

Bathwaters launch

A new online bathroom retailer has launched, designed to give consumers a “new way” to shop for a bathroom online and “take the hassle out of the buying process”.

Advertisement MPU article is Duravit’s “very first” online authorised retailer in the UK, it said. The retailer also has products from Hansgrohe on its site, noting that “consumers won’t be faced with a bewildering number of nameless products”.


The website features a step-by-step video for consumers, showing how to measure a bathroom and create a floorplan. Users can then upload their plan alongside their budget and preferred styles, allowing’s design team to create a 3D render of their new bathroom.

“Although there is nothing new about buying a bathroom online, it has always felt like stepping into the unknown,” said e-commerce manager Anthony Favell.

“What you gain in apparent upfront savings, you lose in expert guidance and support. So, we’ve put together a carefully considered free design service, which includes a team of talented designers who can turn ideas into reality.”

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Favell added: “Our products are fairly priced. That’s why you won’t find us shouting about special offers all year round. We don’t want our customers to feel under pressure to buy now or lose out. We are looking forward to sharing our passion for design-conscious, beautiful bathrooms.”