The National Kitchen & Bath Association – NKBA – which is North America’s kitchen and bathroom trade association, is set to host a free Global Connect webinar on the 16th May at 10am-11am EST – which is 3pm-4pm BST.

BMA 2019

The webinar will provide key insights into the US residential kitchen and bathroom industry regarding design and remodelling. Market research data such as industry size, market value, opportunities and current lifestyle and market trends will be covered.

The moderators will also discuss the Kitchen & Bath Industry Show – KBIS – which is North America’s largest trade show dedicated to all aspects of the residential kitchen and bathroom industry. Lastly, the webinar will feature an overview of NKBA’s Global Connect initiative, designed to “facilitate a product dialogue with the kitchen and bath community around the world”.

Presenters for the webinar will include NKBA CSO and industry relations executive vice president Suzie Williford; NKBA editor-at-large and industry relations manager Elle H-Millard; White Good Marcom Agency principal Sherry Qualls; and M2 Connect CEO and founder Veronika Miller-Eagleson.

Join the webinar: