Pland debut on Radio 4 Today programme to discuss the impact of Brexit

“As a UK manufacturer supplying the NHS, we are optimistic for the future” said Pland MD, Duree

Pland Stainless steel

Pland Stainless, the UK manufacturer, recently made its debut on BBC’s Radio 4 Today programme.


Nick Robinson visited the Leeds manufacturing site on Britain’s final day as part of the European Union, to discuss the views of MD Steve Duree on the future for his business following independence.

Pland stainless new machinery

Leeds was chosen as it was a marginal northern seat in the 2016 referendum, and Pland spoke as a UK manufacturer that mainly supplies UK customers.

“As a UK manufacturer supplying the NHS and other commercial organisations with stainless steel washware solutions, like sinks and urinals, we are optimistic for the future and feel a sense of relief that we’ve eventually arrived at a decision” said Duree.


“It’s time for everyone to consider the source of the products they buy and where possible to buy local. Architects that specify products should be aware of where products are made and aim to reduce their carbon footprint” he added.