Premium Swiss appliance manufacturer V-ZUG expands in UK

V-ZUG has appointed David Knight as Managing Director UK

Picture David Knight V ZUG
Published: December 2, 2019 at 7:00 am

V-ZUG, the premium Swiss appliance manufacturer, has appointed David Knight in its newly created role of Managing Director UK.


Knight joins V-ZUG from Miele UK, where he was the UK Sales Director for 7 years and responsible for managing, developing and strategically growing the multi-channel business.

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His early career included key management and sales roles in Electrolux and LG, and it is anticipated that his retail background will ensure a pragmatic, inquisitive focus on the changing needs of the consumer in his new role.

Commenting on his appointment, Knight said ‘V-ZUG products are built with care and precision in Switzerland and I’m delighted to have the opportunity to re-establish the company’s presence in our market. Consumers are being ever more discerning when deciding which brand to purchase, I am proud to have joined a brand investing for the future and leading the appliance industry for sustainability.


V-ZUG has an impressive and well-established kitchen and project sales function in key markets throughout the world and I look forward to working with industry colleagues, friends and business partners to replicate this success in our market. I am delighted to confirm that UK growth plan is agreed and investment set to establish a V-ZUG flagship showroom in London in the coming years.’

Alberto Bertoz, MD International Division commented ‘London and the UK are a key focus to complete the establishment of V-ZUG as the most aspirational brand in the industry, provided the global role within the real estate industry and through architects and designers, but also business wise as a key contributor in achieving our sustainable global growth plan.

We truly look forward to the great deal of experience and expertise that David will bring along, engaging, inspiring and developing the kitchen and project partner network and setting London as one of our key hubs in the world of V-ZUG'.


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