Quooker offering financial support to independent and family run dealers

'Quooker Support for Businesses’ sees dealers who have been affected by COVID19 become able to freeze their account

Stephen Johnson

Quooker has launched a new scheme that will provide financial support to its thousands of small, independent and family-run dealers during the COVID 19 crisis.

Stephen Johnson Managing Director Quooker UK 2019 portrait

Entitled ‘COVID-19: Quooker Support for Businesses’, the initiative will see any Quooker displaying dealer who has been severely affected by the virus be offered the ability to freeze their account for a period of up to 3 months.

Quooker has also launched a new VIP virtual installation offer which guides consumers through the tap installation process by remote one-to-one virtual application. The initiative, which has been developed in response to the closure of kitchen showrooms across the UK, aims to support retailers by delivering a high quality of care, despite the circumstances of the pandemic.


For more information on either initiative, please contact s.johnson@quooker.co.uk