Rotpunkt to debut 100% carbon-free manufactured furniture at kbb

The company will exhibit a blend of free-form kitchen lifestyle displays

Rotpunkt wall solutions

Rotpunkt is to debut collection of 100% carbon-free manufactured furniture solutions for the kitchen at this year’s kbb Birmingham show. Alongside a blend of free-form kitchen lifestyle displays, Rotpunkt is also set to launch Cubes by Rotpunkt, a kitchen furniture and appliance solution which offers atypical planning options for built-in appliances, and a brand new wall panelling system and solutions – a flexible, efficient storage system specially designed to maximise available storage space.

Matt Phillips Head of UK Operations Rotpunkt UK

Matt Phillips, Head of UK Operations, Rotpunkt says “We believe in ‘sustainable kitchen design with a conscience’ and the Kbb Show offers us a captive retail audience that we can introduce our new cycle of product solutions to, and underpin our unwavering commitment to green living.”


“In our lifetime we’re now able to boast that luxurious, eco-friendly kitchens can be the ultimate sustainable solution for the modern home and we aim to present our exclusive future-proof framework to the retail elite to build on existing relationships and establish new connections and UK supply channels. We are unrelenting when it comes to new product development that will help retain independence for our retailers and by virtue, ensure responsive design and marketdifferentiators that maintain traction for both brand and business” says Matt.