Sanctuary Bathrooms, a Leeds bathroom retailer, has put its significant growth down to repeated extensions to the UK's deadline for exiting the EU.


James Roberts, the director of Sanctuary Bathrooms, commented that the company recorded one of the highest revenue-generating months alongside its highest ever October on record, and suggested figures began to pick up pace as soon as a Brexit extension was agreed with the EU.

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Roberts believes that the growth has occurred because the latest extension allowed customers to regain some level of certainty in the economy.

He suggests that there has been a recurring theme across the past 12 months in which whenever it is clear the UK has some stability, the company will prosper.

“From an online perspective, we have seen some of our channels grow by three-figure percentages with revenues double what they were last year, while we have seen people buying from overseas at an increased rate, including from places like Ireland, France, Germany and Spain.

“A lot of the orders from overseas were being put on hold until some kind of certainty was provided one way or another, so the extension gave customers confidence to go out and get the items they needed ahead of the holiday and Christmas season” Roberts explained.

He also added that Sanctuary has seen increased growth of some product ranges, selling almost four times as many freestanding baths as it did this time last year.

“We have seen confidence hit some of our suppliers in the last few months, who have held stock back or slowed manufacturing due to the fear of any potential recession or economic slow-downs, and we have tried to keep them supplying as much as they can especially when we have had significant demand from customers” Roberts added.

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“Another positive is that some other brands, including reputable British companies, are looking to fulfil orders faster and using the opportunity to grow in the market, which is really helping ourselves and giving customers much more choice.


“As a company, we are working hard with our suppliers and partners to do our best for our customers and ensure things keep running as smoothly as possible. We are looking to give them the assurances they need, or going out of our way to assist them where we can, with the aim of continuing the growth we have had over the last few years.”