Scavolini to ‘reinforce UK presence’

Fabiana Scavolini deemed the UK one of its ‘most important export markets.’

Fabiana Scavolini
Published: December 13, 2019 at 8:00 am

Scavolini, the Italian kitchen, bathroom and furniture brand, has announced that it will use the KBB Birmingham exhibition in March in order to reinforce its presence in the UK.


In an interview issued by the company, Fabiana Scavolini CEO suggested that participating in KBB Birmingham is a prime opportunity for the company to reinforce its presence in what is considered to be one of its ‘most important export markets.’ The CEO deemed the exhibition as ‘essential’, and announced plans to display three kitchen and two bathroom collections at the show.


“KBB Birmingham is a key showcase for innovation in kitchens, bedrooms and bathrooms and since the UK is one of Scavolini’s most important export markets, it’s an essential exhibition for us” said Scavolini.

“The fair offers us the opportunity to meet and do significant business with retailers, designers and developers. It is an important date in the Scavolini calendar.

“Participating in KBB Birmingham is an opportunity for us to reinforce our presence in the UK and to exhibit our latest products to the industry” she added.


“We have been present in the UK for several years now and are focusing on expanding our retailer network in this important market. Throughout four days of sourcing and networking, this fair allows us to meet and do business with industry specialists and suppliers. It is a key buying period for Scavolini.”


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