TUKC boss predicts surge in UK renovation spend

‘We predict a massive boom in sales once restrictions lift' says TUKC founder, Loeeze Grossman

TUKC predicts surge in renovation spends
Published: April 2, 2020 at 3:13 pm

Founder of The Used Kitchen Company (TUKC), Looeeze Grossman, has predicted that the UK will experience a surge in renovation spends as soon as COVID-19 restrictions lift.

Searle and Taylor TUKC Greatest Green Showroom

In a statement issued to the press, Grossman said that TUKC has been working with a number of clients who plan to divert the budget which would have been spent on 2020 holidays into home renovations.

She added that many clients have been using time in lockdown to reimagine their space and plan for when things get back to normal.

Grossman said: ‘Having run TUKC for nearly 15 years, I have never known a time like this, but we have been kept busy by emergency requests and also by homeowners thinking to the future. Many buyers are being extremely patient, knowing they cannot fit their kitchen immediately but wanting to bag a bargain now.

‘We predict a massive boom in sales once restrictions lift, as many of the people we are speaking to are diverting budget, which would have been spent on holidays this year, into home makeovers. They should have agreed on the style of kitchen refurbishment they want, well ahead of the end of this crisis.


‘Any showrooms who are using the time to refurbish their own space should be aware that we can list their ex-displays now and probably find them buyers fairly quickly, with these buyers being prepared to wait for their kitchen to actually be fitted, if necessary.’


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