TUKC introduces auctions to save display kitchens from skips

CEO says working with showrooms to sell off unwanted stock 'can make the virtuous circular economy even stronger'

Loeeze Grossman
Published: August 14, 2020 at 2:46 pm

The Used Kitchen Company is introducing a weekly auction to save as many used display kitchens as possible from the skip.


To prevent kitchen showrooms having money tied up in unwanted stock or being tempted to get rid of an ex-display kitchen too hastily, TUKC has introduced a weekly auction.

The auction will for each kitchen will remain open for 2-4 days and sell to the highest bidder, for immediate collection.

Private sellers who need to create space for a new kitchen quickly can also make use of the auction facility.

In a statement, TUKC said that the auctions tap into the 'psychological process that surrounds kitchens – fantasising about “lot” owning and bidding a little more than intended, to be triumphant'.

To provide auctioned kitchens with a chance of having a third owner, the TUKC team also point the successful bidder towards their pioneering sustainability-focused hub, mykitchenpassport.com, which encourages recyclability within the kitchen sector.

TUKC’s CEO, Looeeze Grossman, said the initiative was part of an ongoing effort to 'demonstrate to showrooms that we are in this together and here to deliver solutions that work for them'.

'Working in partnership, we can make the virtuous circular economy even stronger, ensuring all parties – seller, buyer and the planet – gain tangible benefits,' she said.


'Every kitchen we save from the skip eases the pressure on British landfill and allows the resources that went into a kitchen’s manufacture to be used for longer. And, at a practical level, the auction quickly puts cash in sellers’ pockets. What’s not to like about it?'


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