TUKC urges showrooms to list ex-display kitchens

Kitchen recycling pioneer calls on kitchen trade to boost eco credentials as they organise reopening

TUKC Campaign
Published: June 5, 2020 at 12:07 pm

Sustainability pioneer The Used Kitchen Company, is urging showrooms planning their reopening to inspect their storage areas for ex-display kitchens to list for recycling.


In a statement, TUKC said it was 'worried that the first impulse of showrooms might be to spring clean the premises and put anything unwanted straight into a skip, rather than seeing if they can generate a sale of any stored kitchens or cancelled orders'.

With so much kitchen waste being sent to landfill rather than becoming part of a circular economy, TUKC says it is vital that showrooms think sustainably.

Additionally, the company is asking the trade to remember that listing old kitchens being replaced in private homes has both a monetary value and a positive environmental impact.

TUKC launched its ‘Kitchen Passport’ scheme at kbb Birmingham in March, focussed on extending the cradle to grave lifespan of a kitchen. A TUKC Kitchen Passport travels with the kitchen throughout its life, carrying key details that promote its recyclability.

TUKC has continued to sell kitchens throughout lockdown and has expanded its business by now also selling other second-hand, luxury fixtures and fittings for bathrooms, bedrooms, lounges and more.

The company says it has seen indications that home improvers are looking for better value from their money, and thus is confident it can find homes for any stored and forgotten about ex-displays, even if they have been stored for several years.

TUKC’s CEO, Looeeze Grossman says: 'Our message to the trade is to please not skip anything unnecessarily, whether it is a kitchen, dresser, island, light fitting, bathtub or something else. We can find buyers for all of these items and more, so just get in touch, list your unwanted stock and see what money we can bring in for you.

'We have come so far on our green journey with showrooms that we want to continue to encourage everyone to skip the skip and give us a call. Climate change and the lack of landfill capacity are not issues that have gone away. They have just been out of sight and out of mind.'


More information can be found at www.theusedkitchencompany.com or on 020 8349 1943.


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