Virtual Worlds supports Rowan Varey Memorial Fund this Christmas

The kbb CAD software brand is selling Christmas cards to support the charity

charity cards

Virtual Worlds, the KBB CAD software brand, is rounding off a year in support of the Rowan Varey Memorial Fund and selling Christmas cards designed by the Ugandan children helped by the cause.

Sales of the cards, which come in printed and eCard form, will raise funds for the charity that was founded by Virtual Worlds Chairman Dave Varey in 2002. It was set up to support sick or needy children and, since 2004, has supported Kinyinya School for the Deaf in Uganda.

Loughton Bathrooms View from door

“Our staff have been amazing in showing their support for the Rowan Varey Memorial Fund this year, with the Christmas cards being the icing on the cake, even tending the bar at the musical evening, giving up their Saturday night and doing an amazing job” commented Dave Varey, VW Chairman.

“The school has come a long way over the years but there is still plenty to do, with a new dormitory, clean & safe water, more toilets, a renewable energy supply and equipment all on the list.

“Hopefully the Christmas cards will spread a little cheer among Virtual Worlds customers as they receive them, while helping to raise money to improve conditions for the children.”