Worcester Bosch, the boiler manufacturer, has launched an initiative which aims to support installers undertaking work in a home.

Worcester Bosch rainbow boiler

Installers who sign up to the ‘Safe in your Home Installer Commitment’ will be provided with a pack of tools that allow them to work in customers’ homes safely and securely. These tools include a digital pack of assets, alongside physical resources such as:

• Digital stamp for use on social pages and website, a clear indicator to show they have signed up to the initiative

• An email checklist for customers and installer to fill out pre-visit

• Guidance documents for installers and homeowners, an essential reminder of the precautions to follow

• Email footers, to work as a signature in customer comms

• Removable van vinyl of the Installer Commitment logo [First 5,000 only]

• ‘Installer at work’ sign, showing the precautionary measures being taken [First 5,000 only], to be displayed in company vehicles during call outs

Victoria Billings, Director of Marketing at Worcester Bosch said: ‘As the UK Government starts to ease its lockdown measures, industries like ours are beginning to return to work. With this comes a constant need to adapt to the ever-changing climate.

‘We feel it is important to support installers at this time, enabling them to reassure customers about how they are safe working in their homes. This initiative intends to do just that and ensure that homeowners and installers are reassured and clear regarding safety considerations for an at-home visit, with a variety of digital and physical reminders putting safety front and centre of every visit.’


Installers can pledge to be a part of the commitment here.