Worcester Bosch pledges support to ‘Time to Change’ Movement

The initiative aims to change the way people think and act about mental health in the workplace

Time To Change

Worcester Bosch, the boiler manufacturer, has announced its support to the Time to Change Employer Pledge, which aims to change the way people think and act about mental health in the workplace.

Worcester Bosch CCC

The company’s Employer Pledge will see the Worcester Bosch, which already has over 200 Mental Health Champions across all levels of its organisation, implement action plans to help employees open up about mental health issues. The company has suggested it will raise awareness about the importance of mental health, and publicise mental health national days such as Time to Talk, World Mental Health Day and Mental Health Awareness Week. It is anticipated that the company will also plan dedicated events with speakers addressing the subject.

Carl Arntzen, CEO Worcester Bosch, said: “We understand the importance of raising awareness around mental health within all levels of our organisation. By pledging our support to the Time to Change movement we are making further steps towards ensuring all our employees feel comfortable both within work and within themselves, and that mental health awareness remains a top priority within Worcester Bosch.”


Jo Loughran, Director of Time to Change said “With nine in ten of those who experience mental health problems facing stigma and discrimination as a result, it’s great that Worcester Bosch are pledging to support their employees by encouraging them to speak openly about their mental health and ensuring a workplace culture where it is safe to do so.”