Yorkshire business opens doors in 'bid to boost economy'

‘We felt we have a duty of care to our customers, suppliers and most importantly our team members to get back to normality,' said Commercial Director, Matt Fletcher

Global Doors Ltd
Published: May 1, 2020 at 8:00 am

Leading wardrobe manufacturer Global Doors ltd has decided to re-open its doors in a bid to get its staff back to work.


Senior Managers and factory supervisors of the company met Tuesday 21st to prepare for everyone's safe return, and have now introduced measures including temperature tests, PPE kits, sanitiser and disposable wipes.

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Commercial Director Matt Fletcher said: ‘As an SME director I feel an obligation to protect the welfare and livelihood of our team whilst also ensuring that our contribution to society is positive.

‘Our primary impetus for returning now was that we felt we have a duty of care to our customers, suppliers and most importantly our team members to “get back to normality,” ensuring our businesses future sustainability and its ability to meet all of its stakeholder obligations.’

All members of staff have been given staggered lunch breaks and extra canteens have been provided to ensure social distancing can be maintained.

Fletcher added: ‘The decision to reopen our business and return our team to work was extremely complex. Primarily the safety of our team, and our obvious responsibility to ensure that we were not adding to the crisis and unduly creating risk of further pressure on the NHS resulted in our leadership team planning the return for almost two weeks solidly.

‘There have been a couple who have chosen not to return for personal health/risk reasons, a decision which we wholeheartedly support and look forward to them re-joining us when they feel the time is right.


‘We believe this is a great opportunity. An opportunity for development, and an opportunity to align our business in the best possible position for the end of this crisis and most importantly an opportunity to keep our economy moving.’


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