Unidrain appoints Kim Maretti as Marketing Manager

Maretti was previously responsible for marketing the brand to 16 different markets at Nilfisk

Unidrain Kim Maretti

Danish design company Unidrain has appointed Kim Maretti as its new Marketing Manager. Maretti, who was previously responsible for marketing the brand to 16 different markets at Nilfisk, has more than 20 years global marketing experience within the retail and B2B sectors.


It is anticipated that this will enable him to look at the industry from an international perspective, and the company believe it is this ability and comprehensive outlook that will be most beneficial as he commences his role to market Unidrain.


Henrik Handschuh, CEO of Unidrain, said: “Kim is a strategic thinker with a lot of enthusiasm that can only be beneficial to us; he is the perfect fit to drive Undrains marketing forward. Unidrain is on an exciting journey, not only must we maintain our position in Denmark, but we want to become even more visible abroad. Kim will help us fulfil these aspirations.”

Maretti added: “Having previous experience of the construction industry has given me a broad knowledge of its workflows, customer segments and the complex marketing arena. I see this as a huge advantage.


“I very much look forward to working in an environment where there is a plan to take you from thought to action. Unidrain is characterized by its innovation and entrepreneurship which is a huge bonus, as a business it’s not afraid to try new things and going forward we will progress as a team.”