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Whirlpool recall: ‘tumble dryer owners must come forward’

Posted 13th Sep 2019 |

The company said it has located 65,000 more affected dryers after kicking off its recall campaign

Whirlpool admits to 24 NDAs used for fire-risk dryers

Posted 1st Aug 2019 |

‘Whirlpool has never used legal or other enforcement mechanisms to prevent public discussions of alleged defects in our products’

MPs debate safety of online sales of electrical products

Posted 16th Jul 2019 |

Labour MP Carolyn Harris, pictured, said big online retailers such as Amazon need to take more responsibility

Whirlpool releases full faulty dryer list and outlines Recall Plan

Posted 10th Jul 2019 |

The group said it will start its new Recall Plan on the 11th July, and will kick off a £1m national campaign later this month

Whirlpool faces difficult questions in House of Commons

Posted 2nd Jul 2019 |

Executives from the company told the BEIS Committee there may be up to 800,000 unmodified dryers in UK homes

Whirlpool ordered to recall dryers in ‘unprecedented’ Government move

Posted 12th Jun 2019 |

Business Minister Kelly Tolhurst said Whirlpool has been informed of the Govt’s intention to serve a recall notice

Customers dispute OPSS's Whirlpool dryer findings

Posted 16th May 2019 |

A new report by Which? has detailed the accounts of several consumers who claim their modified dryers still caught fire

OPSS finds ‘low fire risk’ in Whirlpool tumble dryers

Posted 4th Apr 2019 |

However, consumer group Which? has called the office’s review ‘fundamentally flawed’

‘Fresh concerns’ emerge over fire-risk tumble dryers

Posted 21st Feb 2019 |

Consumer group Which? said it has heard from owners of modified dryers who claim their appliances are still unsafe

Retailer recalls two washing machines due to fire concerns

Posted 5th Jun 2018 |

Very said there is a fault that can lead to overheating in the two Swan washing machine models

‘Clear case’ for OPSS to step in over Whirlpool dryer issue

Posted 14th May 2018 |

BEIS Committee chair Rachel Reeves, pictured, said the OPSS could issue a full recall of the faulty dryers

Repaired Whirlpool dryers ‘still pose fire risk’, says Which?

Posted 30th Apr 2018 |

The consumer group carried out testing of repaired machines and unveiled findings of a mystery shopper investigation

Which? reveals brands ‘linked to the most appliance fires’

Posted 15th Feb 2018 |

The consumer group has launched its new ‘End Dangerous Products’ product safety campaign

‘Urgent action’ needed over ongoing faulty electrical goods

Posted 16th Jan 2018 |

The Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy Committee called Whirlpool’s response to the issue ‘inadequate’

Whirlpool's attitude to its faulty dryers 'regrettable', say MPs

Posted 3rd Nov 2017 |

A parliamentary debate on product safety and fire risk in residential premises was held earlier this week

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