A new inspirational interiors website: KBB Ark

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Hubert Burda Media UK, one of Europe’s largest publishing houses, has launched a new interiors website, KBB Ark. Adding another platform to its portfolio of award-winning magazines and websites – including EKBB, ek&bbusiness and kbbdaily.com – kbbark.com is a hub that has been created to connect homeowners to kitchen, bathroom and bedroom design professionals.

KBB Ark features beautiful imagery to inspire users alongside articles that cover technology, plus case studies, decorating ideas, tips from experts, interviews and profiles on design professionals, and the latest product launches including where they can be bought. Brands and designers can connect with users by creating a free profile, to which they can add a biography and contact details, and upload images of their latest projects to the platform.

Sign up for a free account to connect with thousands of potential clients seeking your design expertise on how to tackle their latest kitchen, bathroom and bedroom renovations. Whether it’s product recommendations, design ideas or uploading images of your latest projects to inspire, head over to KBB Ark.

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A new inspirational interiors website: KBB Ark

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