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The UK’s leading kitchen and bathroom buying group dedicated to supporting independent specialist retailers

The Kitchen & Bathroom Buying Group (KBBG) supports the business of the independent kitchen and bathroom specialist. The aim is very simple; to create a strong and sustainable independent channel to enable all of our members to achieve their full business potential.

The KBBG is part of DER KREIS, which was launched in Germany in 1979, and is Europe’s leading kitchen and bathroom buying group. The group operates in nine countries, with nearly 3,000 members, and has a turnover in excess of €3.4 billion.

In the short time since its launch in the UK, the KBBG has generated tremendous membership success, and today their members are achieving very positive growth, despite the increasingly challenging trading environment. Working together, with independent kitchen and bathroom specialists, the KBBG improves purchasing and marketing within the industry; creating competitive buying conditions from leading European suppliers; originate private labels, which are available only to members, as well as provide a range of exclusive services to maximise the success of each specialist retailer. This ensures that each kitchen and bathroom specialist can remain ahead of the competition.

Why should you join the KBBG?

The fact that you determine your own future is probably the main reason you began your business in the first place.  At the KBBG, we understand this better than anyone. Our members, without exception, are independent retailers in the kitchen and bathroom industry, who place enormous value on preserving their identity and independence. Unlike some other buying groups, who wish to fully control their members, the KBBG works in partnership with its members to help and support them achieve their full business potential.

Our members remain independent and retain their own identity. By working together, with like-minded retailers, you can take full advantage of the best buying conditions; contribute to an essential voice in the industry, as well as having access to many exclusive and beneficial additional services.

Some of the many benefits we offer members include:

  • Purchasing advantages through co-operation with a range of leading kitchen and bathroom suppliers
  • Product marketing with distinctive exclusive private labels, best buying terms and conditions
  • Suppliers’ offers, exclusive deals and discounted promotions
  • On-going support and advice based on 37 years’ experience
  • Giving a much needed voice for our members in the industry
  • Training and seminars
  • A members’ website
  • Administration support based in the UK
  • An invitation to the Annual Members’ Meeting

This creates better business through:

  • Support, advice and guidance of entrepreneurs
  • Education and training programmes for kitchen and bathroom specialists
  • Exchange of knowledge and meeting like-minded colleagues
  • An information centre for all your questions


  • All members remain independent
  • You will not affiliate your business, you retain your identity
  • KBBG is not a franchise 
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Join the UK's leading kitchen and bathroom buying group

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