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InSinkErator® has upgraded its hot water tank to reach a higher water temperature, providing users with a modern, reliable hot water tank for dispensing steaming hot water instantly and safely in their own homes.

The upgraded NeoTank, suitable for use with the complete range of InSinkErator® steaming hot water taps and combination taps, benefits from a 1300 Watts power level to efficiently heat the water in the tank up to 99°C. If a lower water temperature is required, the NeoTank features a precise +/– 1°C thermostat. The user is able to set their desired water temperature, with ease, using the digital touch-screen control panel. The NeoTank can be set to temperatures between 88°C and 99°C.

The stainless steel tank is extremely durable and corrosion-resistant designed to completely eliminate the risk of water leaks for total peace of mind. What’s more, the contemporary white gloss NeoTank benefits from improved insulation to ensure a super-quiet operation. 

Ideal for where space is at a premium, the compact 2.5 litre tank fits neatly under the sink and connects easily to the in-lineInSinkErator® water filters. The water filter reduces chlorine, removes lime scale and other impurities from the tap water, extending the longevity of the NeoTank as well as improving the overall taste of the water. 

Steaming hot water taps and combination taps from InSinkErator® eliminate the time lost waiting for the kettle to boil, while the perfect amount of readily available steaming hot water contributes to countless other kitchen tasks. Replacing the kettle with an InSinkErator® specialist kitchen tap will not only reduce water wastage in the home, but can also help reduce the rising cost of utility bills.

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InSinkErator® Neotank

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